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Family Law

The legal field of Family Law includes a great deal of unique topics and areas of service, and GG&P provides extraordinary representation within each one. Because many clients are unfamiliar with the legal language associated with their specific needs, we’ve described the major topics of Family Law below in the interest of helping you decide which course of action is necessary within your circumstances.
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Civil Litigation

GG&P handles all aspects of litigation including pre-suit negotiations, filing suits, trial, and any necessary appeals. Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. Any reputable firm can walk you through the process and advise you of your rights, but our goal is to maximize your return by minimizing your loss both in terms of money and productivity.  Our approach involves alternate dispute resolution, such as collaboration and Mediation when appropriate, and trial only when necessary.
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Judges are people too, and whether your trial judge misunderstood the law, arbitrarily applied it, or was just having a bad day, you have the right to seek review from a higher authority. The appellate process allows a litigant to challenge and potentially reverse a negative ruling from a trial court. Even if you won in trial court, there are also times when, even though the trial judge followed the law, the losing party cannot accept the decision, and thus files their own appeal. Whether you are prosecuting or defending an appeal, we’re here to fight for your success at the next level.
Family Law AppealsCivil Appeals


Mediation is an alternative to the litigation process. This can be less expensive and less stressful on the parties and their children. In the Mediation process, the parties work with a trained certified mediator to settle their contested issues.
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Collaborative LAw

Collaborative Practice is a method for resolving disputes through the structured assistance of collaborative professionals that include lawyers, mental health professionals and financial planners. The process is distinguished from traditional litigation procedures by the clients and the professionals entering into a contractual commitment to negotiate a settlement without using the Court system to decide any issues for the parties.
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Wills, Trusts & Estates

Many bereaved families remark that no better gift can be given at the end of a loved one’s life than a clear and thorough disposition of their assets, often through entities set up during life. Taking the stress of asset division out of the grief equation has been regarded as one of the most benevolent things we can do for our families. GG&P understands that these provisions need the utmost care and accuracy, and we take pride in walking you step by step through the creation of draft wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare surrogacy documents. We have experts in limiting financial exposure for your heirs, and we ensure that your children, your favorite charitable organizations, and even beloved pets are well cared for according to your wishes.